Marchesi Gondi


Tenuta Bossi

since 1592

Wine, wine tours and farm holidays

Palazzo Gondi

since 1489


Fattoria di Volmiano

since 1400

Oil, oil tourism, walks

The Gondi

protagonists of the history

Known since before the year 1000, in the Renaissance the Gondi were warriors, traders, goldbeaters and bankers. During the last century the Gondi have been focusing on agriculture and tourism activities, giving a new life to the estates and products of excellence.

The story

from the Filippi till today

Ancient Florentine noble family known since Charlemagne period. He himself knighted the Filippi coterie, family from which the Gondi descent. The Filippi were placed in 'Paradiso' by Dante Alighieri in his Divine Comedy, as the most ancient family in Florence. They were mayors and priors of the Florentine Republic, traders and goldbeaters, bankers and ambassadors under the Medici. Also in France, the Gondi covered high political positions with the two Medici queens.

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The experience

live the Gondi history

Experiencing our family history means discovering the history of Florence and Tuscany. Today it is possible to do it in many different ways: Gondi Palace in the heart of Florence, Fattoria Volmiano and Tenuta Estate in the nearby Tuscan countryside.

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wine and oil, of excellence

The wine and extra virgin olive oil we produce at Tenuta Bossi and Fattoria di Volmiano are historically known for the high quality and care in selection and production methods. Tasting our products means discovering and appreciating the history of our territory.

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