One wine, one label

One wine, two souls


The latest wine produced by the Gondi brothers has the powerful and defined face of a traditional wine and at the same time the appearance, character and freshness of a wine with special scents.

This combines a new vision of Sangiovese.


From the first vineyards of the Etruscans to the recognition given to Chianti Rufina by Cosimo III de' Medici, the road has been long and full of gratifications.

The terroir of marl, clay and limestone sediments
gives this wine great structure and longevity.

One vineyard,
two barriques

After harvesting, half of the grapes are pressed immediately and half are dried for a month.
Afterwards, fermentation takes place in two barriques.

Fermentation and refinement

The grapes rest for 18 months in different French oak barriques: the wine made from fresh grapes in a medium toasted barrique, the dried wine in one with more austere and powerful notes.

On the one hand a fruity and round wine is born, on the other a full-bodied wine.

The blend of the two barriques defines the complex soul of Fiammæ.

Power and persistence, balance and freshness

These are the dominant characteristics of Fiammæ,
a wine with a brilliant ruby red colour with slight purple hues.
Intense and complex nose, where notes of red cooked fruit stand out: cherry and strawberry harmonise with spicy notes of vanilla, cloves and almonds, closing with slight hints of coffee and chocolate.

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A symbol etched in stone

From the flames, sculpted by Giuliano da Sangallo, that burn in the label, a unique wine has been created, born from a project of heart and soul, with the colour of passion.

Two brothers, two souls

Fiammae is the highest expression of this encounter.

500 bottles
A single label

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