Laudemy 2018

Laudemio Tenuta Bossi

The Tenuta Bossi, with a terroir that is as well suited to wine as to olives, has always produced an oil of great value. This is why we were among the founders of the Laudemio Consortium, which brings together some of Tuscany's finest olive oil producers.

First year of bottling
Olive varieties
Frantoio 80%, Moraiolo 20%.
Olive harvest
Manually carried out directly on the plants in November
Crushing and extraction
Continuous low temperature process
Bright green with emerald highlights
The nose is intense, with some herbaceous sensations on the finish.
At first glance it is strong, but on the finish it is slightly spicy, with notes of artichoke
It goes well with salads, vegetable dishes
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Production area

The Villa Bossi estate, at an altitude of between 300 and 400 metres above sea level, with 11 hectares of specialised olive groves.

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The recipe

Spring minestrone

The recipe is taken from " La Natura in Tavola Fattoria di Volmiano: ricette e segreti" by Vittoria Gondi Citernesi, Polistampa edition.

You will find this recipe in the Spring season under First courses.

"Fresh peas, fresh broad beans, asparagus tips, artichokes, potatoes, spring onions, 150 g bacon, salt and pepper. For a total of about 2 kg of vegetables.

Lightly brown the diced bacon, then, off the heat, add the vegetables, enough oil, salt, then cover with water. 

Cook for about an hour and a half. Add olive oil and pepper before serving."