Marchesi Gondi 2018

Extra virgin olive oil

Tenuta Bossi, having a terroir that suits wine as well as olives, has always produced a highly prized oil.

First year of bottling
Olive varieties
Frantoio 80%, Moraiolo 20%.
Olive harvest
Manually carried out directly on the plants in November
Crushing and extraction
Continuous low temperature process
Brilliant green with subtle emerald highlights
The nose is intense, with some herbaceous sensations on the finish.
At first glance it is strong, but at the end it is slightly spicy.
Goes well with boiled vegetables and bread soups
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Production area

Villa Bossi estate, at an altitude between 200 and 300 metres above sea level, with an area of 21.5 hectares of specialised olive groves.

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The recipe

Bean soup

The recipe is taken from "La Natura in Tavola Fattoria di Volmiano: ricette e segreti" by Vittoria Gondi Citernesi, Polistampa edition.

Take 350 g of dried cannellini beans and soak them overnight in plenty of water. The next morning, cook the beans with 2 cherry tomatoes, 2 cloves of garlic and a sprig of sage, adding salt at the last moment. Fry the garlic, sage and a piece of bacon, which you can then remove. Add a bottle of tomato (our bottles are 750 ml, but they are raw sauce, corresponding to about 450 g of puree) and make a sauce, season with salt, pepper and if sour, add a pinch of sugar. Take half of the beans and mash them. Put together the sauce, the puree and the whole beans with their water, maybe not all of them, the soup should be thick, not liquid. Slice the beans into thin roasted slices, season with garlic and put them on top of the soup, then drizzle with fresh extra virgin olive oil.