Gondi, a Florentine dynasty and its palace

Gondi Palace

On December 12 was presented in the PalaceGondi, with great success, the book "Gondia Florentine dynasty and its palace."edited by Gabriele Morolli and Paolo Fiumi who, with the help of a rich iconographic trousseau, illustrates the history of Gonditheir artistic and architectural treasures.

Marco Calafati retraces the family's historical events between Florence and Paris, revealing an unknown drawing by Leonardo da Vinci dedicated to GiulianoGondi , or AntonioGondi 's cash book in which the expenses incurred by the family to finance half of Giovanni da Verrazzano's first voyage, in which the bay of New York was discovered.

With Linda Pellecchia we see the palace in Piazza San Firenze born from the will of Giuliano Gondi il Magnifico and the genius of Giuliano da Sangallo, which leaves two supreme testimonies the staircase in the courtyard and the majestic fireplace, described by Marco Campigli. Anna Bisceglia accompanies us to the chapelGondi, in Santa Maria Novella, another masterpiece by Sangallo which houses the famous Crucifix by Filippo Brunelleschi. With Paolo Bertoncini Sabatini and Giovanni Matteo Guidetti, we return to the palace, to admire the monumental fountain, the baroque paintings and the nineteenth-century pictorial cycles.

Gabriele Morolli traces the completion of the building, as we see it today, by Giuseppe Poggi, the architect of Firenze Capitale. Paolo Fiumi, in the end, describes the atmosphere of the twentieth century and documents the wise restoration, which lasted six years, which returns to Florence the ancient residence of the gods Gondi in its newfound splendor. A.D.S.I
The book has been skilfully illustrated, in a packed room, by Isabella Lapi Ballerini, Regional Director for Cultural and Landscape Heritage of Tuscany and Alessandra Marino Superintendent for Architectural, Landscape, Historical and Artistic Heritage for the Provinces of Florence, Pistoia and Prato, while the preface has been edited by Cristina Acidini Superintendent Polo Museale Fiorentino. The clients are Bernardo and Vittoria Gondi while the publisher is Polistampa.