Pruning at Volmiano


After an inclement season, so much so as to make you think of the old farm saying "Whoever says Volmiano says sorry, we're only safe from the flood!

Now the sun is finally shining, so we started pruning late. The pruning serves to maintain the shape of the olive tree and get more product. Almost all of the 20,000 plants Volmiano were in the past bred in the shape of a pot with 4 points (branches) that exceeded 5.00 meters and the low twigs turned downwards (sottana). Now the tips have been eliminated and the plant reaches 3.50 meters. In addition, the suckers (ributti) at the base of the plants are removed. This height allows harvesting from the ground without stairs. So Volmiano not only do we produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil but we also help to maintain our magnificent Tuscan landscape, which is based on well cultivated vineyards and olive groves.