This year, too, the magic moment has arrived! In fact, at the end of October the farm of Volmiano will begin the olive harvest, from the 20,000 trees will be extracted "green gold" of Volmiano. The olive oil and extra virgin olive oil of the farm of Volmiano will be on sale Sunday, November 1st.

Volmiano, historical farm, famous in the area and history for this product, has been producing oil since 1427. Still today, the oil of Volmiano is produced in the company's oil mills, the traditional cold pressed with stone grinders but with stainless steel machinery and a robot for stacking ifiscoli that speeds up the processing time. The oil taxes are changed 1 or 2 times depending on the need. Since a few years also a modern one, always cold with vertical weights and oxygen vacuum decanter. The oil mills of Volmiano only press their own olives.