MIOOA 2021 and Fattoria Volmiano


Today we received another great piece of news. The oils from Fattoria Volmiano received some awards at the MIOOA 2021- Milan International Olive Oil Awards 2021 competition, in particular they received:

Laudemio Fattoria di Volmiano - Best oil for the AIS jury | Platinum glass for the category Verde Medio

V - Igp Toscano Colline di Firenze - Platinum medal for the Verde Intenso category

In particular, Laudemio di Volmiano is intended to be our interpretation of the unique characteristics of the estate's land. The property is developed on high sloping terrain, from heroic olive growing, on rocky plateaus, down to fresh clayey valleys. We want the fresh and elegant fragrances of rocket and almond to tell of the openness of the valleys, of the spring breezes carrying the scents of wild herbs. The artichoke bitters well represent the vigour and strength of nature, of the olive trees, which we seek through respectful agronomic methods. The spices that end the oil tasting and refresh our mouth are the result of the high concentration of vitamins in our oil. Because at Volmiano we have decided to sacrifice the quantity that our 22,000 trees would allow us to do, in favour of a unique quality that makes our oil unique and inimitable.