Sabine Frommel - Giuliano da Sangallo

Gondi Palace

Saturday, April 18 was presented the volume "Giuliano da Sangallo"by Sabine Frommel, well-known director of the Renaissance Art History course at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes de la Sorbonne, Edifir editions.

The book traces the evolution of the great architect who worked between the beginning of Lorenzo the Magnificent's rise and the election of his son, Pope Leo X, to the papal throne. Giuliano Giamberti da Sangallo architect, sculptor and engineer. He built important works such as the Villa Medicea in Poggio a Caiano, Palazzo della Gherardesca and PalazzoGondi, the Chapel Gondiin Santa Maria Novella, the Sacristy of Santo Spirito in Florence, the Church of Santa Maria delle Carceri in Prato and the Church of Humility in Pistoia. He also worked in Milan and France.

He dealt with sculpture, see the monumental Fireplace in the Palace Gondiand finally, with his brother Antonio, he built imposing military works. The presentation was attended not only by numerous Florentines but also by important scholars from other cities, such as Francesco Solinas, Adriano Ghisetti, Manuel Parada Lopez de Corsel, Howard Burns, Alessandro Nova, Brigitte Cédolin, Doris Carl and Claudia Conforti.