Verrazzano Day at Gondi Palace

Gondi Palace

On the occasion of the 490th anniversary of the discovery of the Bay of New York, the 50th anniversary of the inauguration of the Verrazzano Bridge in New York and of the event Verrazzano Day, Thursday, April 17, 2014, at the PalaceGondi, the Marquis Bernardo Gondi with the historian Marco Calafati presented the documents Gondi on the financing of the first voyage of the Florentine navigator Giovanni da Verrazzano in the "New World".

In 1523, Antonio Gondi, Florentine banker and merchant, accepted Giovanni da Verrazzano's proposal to collect and finance the huge sum needed for the journey, almost 4,000 shields of sunshine. The major private investors were the Gondi 700 scudi of which Antonio with 570 scudi, together with the contribution of 100 scudi from "Monna Maria deGondi' " and 30 scudi donated by the cook "servant of Antonio Gondi", other 2700 scudi were given by collaborators of the Banco Gondi or relatives. The remaining 600 scudi were financed by French merchants and King Francis I.

To thank the Gondi people for their personal contribution, Verrazzano dedicated to Marie Catherine de Pierrevive, Antonio's wife, one of the small islands discovered along the coast, baptizing it ".Pietra Viva”. In memory of the involvement in the discovery of the New World, America, in the familyGondi, in every generation there is an Amerigo. To celebrate this event, a wine from the family estate, Tenuta Bossi - Marchesi Gondi in Pontassieve, was named Ser Amerigo.