The Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta Bossi conquestaltri awards: the news comes from the guide Vitae 2021, published byAssociazioneItaliana Sommelier.

Trale wonderful evaluations of the wines of Marchesi Gondi, excels the vinsanto delChianti Rufina riserva DOC Cardinal deRetz 2007 that has obtained 3 shoots and a half, then an evaluation of 90/100.

This wine is amber in color with intense tawny hues. Great intensityolfattiva with a remarkable complexity and breadth of scents. The soft notes of dried fig and apricot, almond, caramel, candied orange peel, date, honey chestnut close with a sweet spicy and slightly ethereal finish. Algusto is sweet, soft and round with elegance and strength. Interessantel balance gustatory that on a structure managed completely fromun'elegante alcoholic note finds a freshness of support. The final islungissimo with a re-proposition of all those notes perceived olfactory inparticolare of dried apricot.