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Cardinal de Retz 2004

Vin Santo del Chianti Rufina Riserva DOC

At Tenuta Bossi, vin santo has always been made according to tradition. Since the 1950s it has been made using only Trebbiano.

Galestrous and clayey soils with calcareous sediments.
Trebbiano 100%.
Type of breeding
Alcohol content
Ageing potential
30 years and more.
0.50 l
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Harvest and weather

The grapes are harvested at the end of September, beginning of October.

Fermentation and vinification


It rests for 9 years in kegs with a capacity of 50-200 litres in an attic room.

Organoleptic notes

View: Intense amber, with tawny hues. Nose: Great olfactory intensity with a remarkable complexity and breadth of aromas. The soft notes of walnut, dried fig, caramel, candied fruit, dehydrated white fruit (apricot), date, chestnut honey close with a sweet spiciness and a slightly ethereal finish. Taste: It is sweet, soft and round with elegance and strength. Interesting the gustative balance that on a structure completely managed by an elegant alcoholic note finds a supporting freshness. The finish is very long with a repetition of all those notes perceived on the nose.

Serving temperature and glass


Chocolate desserts, cream ice creams and dry almond paste biscuits, as well as Foie Gras or blue or mature cheeses.

Production area

Estate of Villa Bossi, at an altitude of about 300 metres above sea level, in the specialised vineyards of Camerata and Sottomonte in 1.2 hectares of Trebbiano with a southern exposure and on a hillside.

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The recipe

Caramelised Figs and Ricotta

The recipe is taken from "La Natura in Tavola Fattoria di Volmiano: ricette e segreti" by Vittoria Gondi Citernesi, Polistampa edition.

You will find the recipe in the Summer season among the desserts.

Take an ovenproof dish, place 1 kg of figs in it, whole, cleaned with a cloth, and pour 800 g of sugar over them. Cover and leave to rest for 24 hours. The next day, without touching them, put them in the oven at 180 degrees and boil for about 3 hours. Check from time to time that they do not caramelise too much. Serve warm with unsweetened ricotta.

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