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San Giuliano 2018

Chianti Rufina DOCG

At Tenuta Bossi we have always had a basic Chianti Rufina, only since 2000 it has been made with these vines.

Soil rich in galestro Tuscan stone with clay and limestone sediments.
Sangiovese 80% - Colorino 10% - Merlot 10%
Type of training
Spurred cordon.
Alcohol content
Ageing potential
5 - 8 years depending on the vintage.
0,75 lt
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Harvest and vintage report

The 2018 vintage had a mild winter with a colder temperatures in February. On the contrary, spring and summer had above-the-average temperatures, with frequent rainfalls. This changes in temperature allowed a good bud burst and blossom. Harvesting was anticipated of a week, to guarantee the best quality for our grapes.They were harvested by hand at the third week of September.

Fermentation and vinification

The fermentation is made in cement tins, at controlled temperature of 20° C with a cooling machine. It follows the malolactic fermentation in oak barrels.


Ages 12 months in Slavonia oak barrels and then refines in bottle for 3 months.

Tasting notes

San Giuliano 2018 is deep ruby red. At nose,great intensity of rose and violet, with fruity notes of crispy cherry and blueberry, with hints of vanilla and black pepper. In mouth, the beginning is soft and full bodied. Then emerge the freshness and light tannicity. The taste is dynamic, we the notes felt at nose, in particular cherry and black pepper spiciness.

Serving temperature and glass

The recommended serving temperature is between 15 - 18 C°. The glass to use for this wine is Rhenish.


Important first dishes with ragù sausage, game, or cheese. Second dishes of roasted pork or white meat.

Production area

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The recipe

Straw and hay tagliatelle with mixed meat and porcini mushrooms

To cook this autumnal plate start from eliminating the skin and crumble of 100g of sausage. Cut into cubes 100g of pork, 100g of beef, 100g of chicken and 100g of turkey. Finely cut 5/6 sage leaves, two branches of rosemary and a hot chilli pepper after removing the seeds.

Now clean 350g of porcini mushrooms: use a sharp knife with a smooth blade to remove the dirt from the stalk peeling gently. If the mushrooms are clean eliminate the few residues of dirt with a brush or a cotton towel. On the contrary, if they are still with dirt quickly wash them under cold running water.

Once the mushrooms are clean, cut them lengthways and put them aside. Cut now a stick of celery, a carrot and an onion and then blend them in a mixer. Now that everything is ready, focus on the preparation of the ragù.

In a non-stick frying pan put 2 spoons of olive oil and cook for 5 minutes the vegetable previously blend and mix continuously. Add the aromatic herbs finely cut, a clove of garlic and the hot chilli pepper.

Add now the cubes of meat: pork, beef, the sausage, chicken and finally the turkey. Cook for 10-15 minutes medium heat.

Add 2 bay leafs and a glass of white wine and let evaporate on high heat then add salt and pepper. 

Meanwhile, boil abundant salt water for 250g of straw and hay tagliatelle pasta.

Add now to the condiment the mushrooms and the rest of the ingredients and cook for 10-15 minutes medium heat, adding some pasta water if necessary. When the condiment is ready remove the garlic and turn off the heat.

When the water boils cook the pasta al dente, just until the pasta is tender. Drain the pasta saving some water and mix it to the condiment of mixed meat and mushrooms cooking one minute high heat so that it will absorb more flavour. Serve immediately.

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