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Tradition, innovation, organic: the green lung of Florence.

History and Property

The origins

La villa di Volmiano era una torre di guardia che fu ampliata nel Quattrocento dalla famiglia Cerretani, quando la loro villa bruciò. All'interno dell’azienda vi è anche il complesso di Sorbetole, originariamente di proprietà dei Martelli. Poi passò ai Medici che la inglobarono nella tenuta di Caffaggiolo.

Cassandra, the last descendant of the Cerretani family, enlarged the small Fifteenth century oratory and had a fountain built to brighten up the garden with boxwood hedges.

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Volmiano complex

Villa Volmiano is an imposing property built around a robust and ancient tower, surrounded by a large, pristine green valley. In front, the great complex of Sorbetole where olive oil has been produced since the Middle Ages.

From here, you can still see the line of the ancient towers placed to defend the road that connects Florence to Bologna.

Sorbetole watches Volmiano that in turn watches the Legri Castle, which again in turn watches the entrance tower of Marinella Valley.

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Volmiano today

Volmiano belongs to Vittoria Gondi Citernesi and her sons Gerardo and Lapo Gondi. It is managed by Lapo, who inherited a great passion for Vomiano from his grandfather Alfredo Citernesi. He dedicated his life to the cultivation of olive trees from which he proudly produced the finest extra virgin olive oil.

It is included in the register of historical companies classified by the Chamber of Commerce as specialized olive grove.

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Winery and Territory

The farm is located in a green, uncontaminated valley on the slopes of Monte Morello, famous since the Middle Ages for its olive oil.

Today the farm covers about 550 hectares, 70 of which are specialized olive groves with over 20,000 olive trees of Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio and Pendolino varieties. The olive trees are surrounded by coppice woods and tall trees ranging from 250 to 1000 meters, reaching one of the three peaks of Monte Morello.

This pristine valley where time has stood still, is the green lung of Florence. Thanks to this peculiarity the farm is now organic and it is included in the area of community interest (SCI).

During the crushing season, Volmiano is the ideal destination to visit a traditional mill that still today uses millstones, presses and pressing mats.

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Volmiano Valley had a succession of oratories, little tabernacles with 3 sides, to protect the wayfarers that since the Middle Ages traveled along the ancient roads leading to the North.

Most of the oratory have been lost, but in the garden of Volmiano there is still a famous oratory dedicated to San Giovanni Decollato, with frescoes attributed to the school of Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio. Dated around 1495, they were commissioned by Paolo Cerretani father of Bartolommeo, a historian who in 1520, described the period after Savonarola in his 'Diary of a Mutation'.

Cassandra Cerretani widow of Capponi, expanded the oratory in the early 1700s to protect the frescoes from the weather and built a small church.

Oil Mills

Under Villa Volmiano, two private oil mills press exclusively our olives. One mills is traditional, cold-press with stone grinders.

A balance between tradition and innovation, thus all the machines are made of stainless steel.

A robot has been installed to facilitate the work of the crushers. The olive paste is placed in pressing mats that are stacked, and through a press the organic, natural, extra virgin olive oil of Volmiano is extracted.

The other mill is modern, still cold-press but with vertical grinders and decanter, with oxygen vacuum. In this way we produce two types of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

L'Olio d'oliva di Volmiano

Extra virgin olive oil cold-press with stone grinder, organic and unfiltered. Intense green color, delicate but persistent flavor and a fruity aroma.

High quality product, slightly denser because it does not undergo any heat alteration being extracted with the traditional method: with pressure and centrifugal force.

Stored with care in steel silos under nitrogen to prevent oxidation. Packaged in different sizes of cans and bottles.

Fattoria Volmiano

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

First year of bottling


Olive varieties

Frantoio 50%, Moraiolo 30%, Leccino 20%

Crushing and extraction

Cold-pressed with millstones, exclusively from our own Tuscan olives.
The oil is not filtered.


Bright green with emerald hints


At first fruity/herbaceous and at the end slightly spicy.


Perfect for first courses of vegetables, soups, legumes and fish.

Walking Tours and Oil Tastings

During the olive crushing season in November and December, we organize visits to the oil mill with oil tastings paired with Tuscan products.

The visit is made only upon reservation. It is also possible to organize walks through private, exclusive parts of the estate. A guide will accompany you along ancient paths amidst olive groves and woods of Monte Morello.
An opportunity to appreciate the centuries-old history and pristine nature of the estate. The walk is followed by Oil Tastings at the olive mill or by a picnic.
Walking tours are organized upon request throughout all the year, except for winter.

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